Ambients Silent Choc Switches
Ambients Silent Choc Switches
Ambients Silent Choc Switches
Ambients Silent Choc Switches
Ambients Silent Choc Switches

Ambients Silent Choc Switches

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The low profile keyboard market asked for it, and now they are here!
The first, purpose-built from the ground up, silent low profile keyboard switches are finally available!

LowproKB is proud to announce the new Ambients line of silent choc switches, which will transform your rig into an office-friendly tool, or a late-night warrior's weapon. Designed in partnership with Kailh engineers, the Ambients line of switches will work on any keyboard that is Choc V1 compatible. Yes you read that right, both the keycap interface and the PCB footprint remain unchanged from earlier Choc V1 switches, so your existing keyboard can use these new switches.

SUNRISE SWITCH UPDATE: There have been delays beyond our control. The first samples sent to us, did not meet our expectations, so further revisions have been ordered. This will likely push the availability date to the fall. We are moving as fast as we can, but the issue is the availability of Kailh engineers... they seem to be quite busy.

The Ambients are based on the original Kailh Choc V1 switch, but are a completely new design, having all their parts redesigned to accommodate the new components required to quieten the typical switch noise. Silicone bumpers have been strategically placed within the new design to buffer both the down and the up stroke of a keypress, all while not creating a mushy feeling while typing. 

Not in North America? We have international vendors to help keep your shipping costs down!

Customer Reviews

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Christian Van
Do not buy. poor service

I paid extra for shipping, waited until the estimated date of ARRIVAL to contact support, and was told that it they just shipped it on the day it was expected. So all in all, I waited an extra 50% in delivery time, and on top of this. What a joke company

Thanks for your review! Some points to consider:
1) you ordered at 11:30 Sunday night. And then you changed your mind.
2) I offered to alter your order, to which you agreed. By this time it was almost noon on Monday.
3) I spent the rest of the day Monday and all Monday night fighting flood waters from torrential rains.
4) Your order packaged and labelled Tuesday, and was picked up by UPS Wednesday morning.
5) UPS Standard is not express shipping... it is the slowest service they offer.
All in all, I am sorry you had a bad experience. It would have been nice to have had a chance to discuss this and perhaps make it right in your eyes before making a public rant in the product reviews section.


Ultra silent, ultra light, and the product quality that we expect from Lowprokb. I will only buy key switches or caps on other stores if they don’t carry what I need.

Michael Harrington
So smooth......

I’ve tried a bunch of switches, but these Ambient Silent Choc Switches have won my heart – and my fingers. These beauties are as quiet as a mouse sneaking through a library, but it’s the feel that really gets me. They’re smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy, and the responsiveness is top-notch. It’s like typing on a cloud, if clouds were as precise as a Swiss watch.

Jerome Olivier
Fantastic switches

The nocturnals are my second kaihl low profile switch. Compared to the purpz (25g) they seem slightly heavier which is strange considering these are rated at 20g, but the difference is minimal. Overall, the quality of the nocturnals is far superior to the purpz. The keys don't rattle at all when I rub my fingers over the keys. The down stroke is slightly scratchy and might use a little lube, but the overall quality is so good that I probably won't bother.

If you're looking for a top quality choc switch, the ambients should be at the top of your list.


Really silent, just what I needed.