Corne-ish Zen - PCBs Only
Corne-ish Zen - PCBs Only
Corne-ish Zen - PCBs Only
Corne-ish Zen - PCBs Only

Corne-ish Zen - PCBs Only

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For those who fancy themselves on the "maker" side of the spectrum, the bare PCBs for the Corne-ish Zen may be just what the Doctor orderd. These PCBs are the actual ones included  in the complete Corne-ish Zen kit, but without the case. This will allow anyone who wants do design a case for it, fulfill their wildest dreams.

It come fully assembled with all components, hot swap sockets, batteries and e-paper displays already installed. The ZMK firmware is also already installed and tested.

The 3D files for the Corne-ish Zen are open source, and would be a great starting point to design your own case. The files can be found here.

Corne-ish Zen PCB Features:

  • Fully assembled! All components and hot-swap sockets are presoldered
  • Choc 18mm x 17mm switch spacing, minimizing gaps between keys
  • PCBs support 3x6 and 3x5 layout configurations utilizing a pinky column that snaps off
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 module with CE, FCC, and RoHS Certifications. This module uses the Nordic NRF52840 SOC which has a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 CPU on board running at 64MHz
  • ZMK firmware preinstalled
  • Built-in 1.05” E-paper screen on each half. Standard status screen is customizable in ZMK
  • I80mAh lithium polymer batteries included and installed in each half
  • Built-in lithium battery charger and dedicated battery management IC chip
  • USB C charging ports with ESD protection on data and power line

Group Buy Details:

  • This group buy is limited to 200 units total
  • This group buy is limited to 1 unit per person
  • Group buy starts: March 8th, 2021
  • Group buy ends: Mar 31, 2021 (or whenever the limit is reached)
  • Estimated ship date: Mid May

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